Slideholic: Pronunciation: /ˌssli.dehˈhol.ɪk/

Etymology: First attested 2013, from slide + aholic

Noun: slideaholic (plural slideaholics)

Synonyms: slider, glider, surf bum, waxhead, weed

Antonyms: kook, hodad, trog, punter, muggle, gumby

Adjective: Slideaholic (comparative more slideaholic, superlative most slideaholic)

Slideaholism: Pronunciation: /ˌssli.dehˈhol.ɪsm/

Noun: Slideaholism (Of, pertaining to, or affected by, slideaholism)

Slide: Pronunciation: /sliid/

Rhymes: Tide, Glide, Ride

Etymology: Early English sliden, from Ancient English slīdan [to slide].

Verb: slide (third-person singular simple present slides, present participle sliding, simple past and past participle slid)

Noun: slide (plural slides)

Derived terms: slider, slideaholic. slideaholism.


The term "-holism" is not an accepted medical term, but is a fairly prominent neologism (new word or phrase accepted into everyday speech).